Meet the team


                   Efficiency: Efficient processes followed by all
Customer  Satisfaction: Always satisfy the customer  
           Integrity: Doing the right thing when no one is watching 
    TeAm work: Together everyone achieves more 
    Respect: Treat people the way you want to be treated
                                       We will RAISE, i.e
  Lift or move to a higher position or level if we are true to the core  


The man that started it all 

Bob Floor Sr started roofing in the 60's and B & L Roofing was established in 1979.

He built the company off referrals from his customers and believed shaking hands was a contract. He started with three main builders and gained more through referrals. 

Back then everything was spread by word of mouth and we started to build our reputation as a top notch roofing company.

When Bob Sr. had some free time he enjoyed long talks, camping and road trips with his son, Bob Jr and when he was old enough he taught him everything he knew about the roofing industry. 

In loving memory of 

 Bob Floor Sr. 

July 4th, 1998. 



Bob Floor

Bobby D. Floor 
 President / Owner 

  Bob is the president of the company, he started out working for his dad right out of high school until he re-established the business in 1998. To Bob his word is his bond and all deals aren't complete without a handshake. His hard work and determination is why B & L Roofing is so successful today.  With his vast knowledge of roofing information in combination with how long he's been in the industry, there is little to nothing he doesn't know about a roof. 
When Bob is not at work he's enjoying his free time with wife Genny and his dog Harley. Bob takes his free time seriously, he loves riding his Harley, going to old school car shows and recently started restoring a 1937 Pontiac Coupe with his immense love for life, there's not many roads bob hasn't traveled. 

Levi Andrews

Levi Andrews
CEO / Co-Owner

Levi is the Chief Executive Officer and runs a tight ship, his unbelievable work ethic combined with his vast construction knowledge has been the building blocks to our companies success. 
Levi started out as a roofing technician over 10 years ago. His hard work and dedication caught the eye of his employer Bob Floor and a few years later he was made partner. Once the partnership was established the business name changed from Bob Floors Roofing to B & L Roofing Inc. 
When Levi is not working he is spending time with his family, whether he is fishing, snowboarding or boating Levi is always up for the next adventure.

Joe Pina

Joe Pina
Production / Project Manager 

Joe is no stranger to the construction/ contracting industry with over 27 years experience, 10 years as a certified General Contractor and 3 years as a custom home builder. He's an all around great guy with an amazing work ethic and we're lucky to have him. 
Joe moved to Colorado in 2006 from his home town of New Orleans, LA. In Louisiana he and his father owned a very successful flooring company, which is still thriving under the ownership of his brother and father. Joe has been a business owner, manager, trade specialist and now he's Levi's right hand man. He prides himself on being a perfectionist and lives by the motto "if you can't do something right, don't do it at all". When looking for the best contractor in the business, Joe is your guy! 
When Joe is not at work he is on "fun mode" with his wife Emilia and three children Tyvon , Junior & Sally. They love traveling and head back to Louisiana whenever possible to visit friends and family. They're also not opposed to a spur of the moment camping trip with the kids for some weekend fun in the sun. When it comes to Joe, family is everything and he never misses an opportunity to spend as much quality time with his beautiful wife and amazing kids.



Genny Andrews

Genny Andrews
Roofing Consultant / Design Tech

​​Genny is the wife & mom of B & L Roofing. No task is too hard for her, she will always find the way to get things done. She has many roles with the company and is not afraid to take on more.
​  Things she likes to do when she is not at work, she hosts karaoke at different venues, gardens at home, and will always give a lending hand to anyone in need.
She enjoys using her creativity and will create anything she can.

Zoila Brizuela

​Zoila Brizuela

Zoila is our Bookkeeper and is an integral part of our day to day operations. Although she works primarily with billing she is not opposed to doing any task given and always with a smile 
Zoila is no stranger to the contracting trade, she worked along side her father for many years in a family owned business specializing in residential painting. 
Zoila is a spiritual person and when she is not in the office she is spending time with her family or attending events at her church. We are very lucky to have such an amazing dedicated individual working for us. 

Marisela Barrera

Marisela Barrera

Marisela is our Project Coordinator and is responsible for ordering material and coordinating with production, builders & customers to make sure everything is done on time.  Marisela has a long history in the construction office world and enjoys learning new things each day.  She's Levi & Joe's right hand man!
When Marisela is not working she enjoys family time with her kids, road trips/ adventures and watching her youngest play in her soccer season. 


Israel Garcia

Israel Sanchez Garcia 

Facundo Casillas

Facundo Casillas

Junior Pina

Junior Pina 

Mateo Garcia

Mateo Garcia