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Roof Coatings 

While replacing your full roof is usually recommended to prevent leaks where repairs have been performed, we understand that you cannot always fit a full replacement in your budget. 


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Roof Coatings are a great way to keep everything leak-free and extend the life of your roof a few more years. 



Certain roof coatings can qualify as hail resistant. This can be achieved by laying down felt before applying the coating.

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A roof coating is a liquid applied roofing membrane, made with elastomeric properties allowing it to stretch and return back to its original state with the daily elements.

This can be applied to a few different roofing materials including, tar and gravel, TPO and metal. 


Roof Coatings are reflective, this reduces the amount of energy your building uses, helps seal cracks to keep out water and is 100% tax deductible. 

 One of the most affordable ways to extend the life of your roof. 

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